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Birankai Canada is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of the principles and teachings of Aikido, a non‑competitive martial art developed by the founder of Aikido, Master Morihei Ueshiba, and to further guide, develop and foster excellence in the practice and teaching of Aikido and related disciplines, as further developed and in the manner exemplified by Master Kazuo Chiba, a direct student of the founder of Aikido.

Birankai Canada was established and registered as a not-for-profit corporation in Canada in 2011, and received official recognition from Aikikai Hombu Dojo – Aikido World Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan, in 2014. 

The organization provides both technical guidance and administrative support to its member schools and oversees the practice of Aikido and its instruction and maintains rigorous technical standards for its members, while advancing and promoting the practice of Aikido through various activities.

Birankai Canada welcomes all sincere 

Birankai Canada stands firmly against discrimination against any person, based on age, ethnicity, gender identity, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual identity, sexual preference, or socio-economic background.


  • Aikikai Foundation – International Aikido Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan.
    Birankai Canada received official recognition from Aikikai Hombu dojo, as an Aikido organization Canada, in 2014.  All dan rank (yudansha) promotions awarded to Birankai Canada members are registered with, and recognized by, Aikikai Hombu Dojo.  Mr. Jobe Groot serves as the Birankai Canada liaison to Aikikai Hombu Dojo.


  • Birankai North America 
    Birankai Canada was formed at the request of T.K. Chiba Shihan.  In view of the long-standing and relationship with Chiba Sensei and with members of Birankai North America, Birankai Canada members maintain membership in Birankai Canada and in Birankai North America, and participate fully in the activities of both organizations.  As of 2019, Birankai North America counts 49 member dojos: 46 dojos in the U.S. and 3 dojos in Canada.



Birankai Canada is governed by a Board of Directors and a Technical/Examination Committee. 

Board of Directors

  • Margaret Kay  
  • Jobe Groot 
  • Charles A. Aarons 
  • Norine Longmire 


Technical Committee

Birankai Canada maintains a Technical Committee/Examination Committee, responsible for maintaining the quality of instruction and overseeing the testing, evaluation and promotions of Birankai Canada members.  The committee is chaired by Technical Director, who currently holds the rank of 6th Dan, Shidoin, in Aikido.  The Technical Director also serves on the Senior Council and Examination Committee of Birankai North America. 


The mailing address of the Administrative Office of Birankai Canada is: 

Birankai Canada
c/o 2250 10th Avenue E.
Vancouver, BC   V5N 1Y2

Ranking and Promotions 

The requirements, qualification criteria and evaluation of candidates for award of teaching certifications for members of Birankai Canada is managed jointly by the Technical/Examination Committee of Birankai Canada and the Senior Council of Birankai North America.

Technical Advisors

  • Darrell Bluhm, 7th dan, Shihan – Senior Council – Birankai North America
  • Jobe Groot, 6th dan, Shidoin – Senior Council – Birankai North America

Certified Instructors


  • Jobe Groot, 6th dan, Shidoin – Mountain Coast Aikikai
  • Charles Aarons, 5th dan, Shicoin – Aikido Takayama
  • Margaret Kay, 5th dan, Shidoin – Goldstream Aikikai
  • Norine Longmire-Aarons, 4th dan, Shidoin – Aikido Takayama